Have you ever noticed why some businesses flourish while others perish over time? Why do some businesses find it incredibly easy to generate positive cash flow while others struggle to even break even? It’s not some rocket science to differentiate winners from losers. If you look closely, you can notice that how some businesses market their products and services differentiates them from the rest of the crowd. Apple is the best example of this logic. While others continue to struggle to find new customers, it has a loyal customer base that helps it make hundreds of billions of dollars.

If you also want to be in a similar position and improve your growth rate 10X, you need to change the way you market your business. There is no way you can focus on the core business operations and at the same time handle marketing by yourself. So, do the marketing and advertising with MediaOne and give yourself some extra time to focus on your business. This small change will not only put you on a growth trajectory but also ensure that you never have to worry about your competitors ever again.